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About Plastic Market Monthly

Plastic Market Monthly is published monthly by Townsend Solutions. It contains detailed analysis and projections centered around current resin pricing and trends.

What is included in PMM publications?

PMM reports include analysis of actual transaction pricing by grade, inventory at converting sites, short term demand, off-spec pricing, current marketplace price ranges, feedstock pricing, import/export balances, historical trends, and economic trends.

For more information about what is in PMM, or to request a sample issue, click here.

How is the data collected?

Every month Townsend collects surveys from hundreds of resin converters. PMM is the only major pricing publication that sources pricing exclusively from resin buyers, rather than sellers. Participants fill in standardized forms for each grade they purchase, which in addition to pricing, includes information on delivery, existing inventory, contract details, and monthly usage.

For more information on the benefits of signing up as a data provider, click here.

How is accuracy verified?

Participants sign a statement attesting to the accuracy of the data they provide. PMM staff personally reviews the data as it is received, and requests copies of invoices as necessary, and as random checks.

More information on what we collect is available here.

How frequently is PMM published?

PMM is published monthly, usually on the nearest business day to the 10th of the month.

To view a list of resins currently reported on by PMM, click here.

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